Old projects

Some of my very old projects, archived for historical reasons mostly. Most of them are over 10 years old.

Video game tools

Feel 1.0 — a level editor for an a game called Ristar. I reverse engineered how the game worked and cracked the compression format used in it. (C, September 2006)

Some data extraction utilities for formats I've cracked.

StarDec — a decompressor for the Star compression format, used in Ristar). (C, August 2006)

SSCDec — a decompressor for the SSC format, used in Sonic Spinball. (C, January 2006)

cnx-dec — a decompressor for the CNX format, used in Puyo Puyo games. (C, September 2008)

lz01dec — a decompressor for LZ01. (C, April 2008)

gextract — a data extractor for Gruntz. (C, May 2006)

MusashiDec — a decompressor for Musashi, used in Shinobi III, Flintstones, Tempo, Toki — JuJu Densetsu and Aah! Harimanada. (C, August 2007)

Video game disassemblies

A disassembly is a reverse-engineered piece of compiled code. The disassemblies below were hand-made using a disassembler. They are complete — the code can be modified and reassembled without glitches.

Sonic 1 (May 2004)

Sonic 2 (August 2005)

Sonic 2 (Nick Arcade prototype) (December 2006)

Sega Genesis

Sonic 32 (source) — a port of Sonic 1 to the Sega 32X. (68k ASM, SH2 ASM, November 2007–August 2008)

MD Demo — a Sega Genesis demo featuring various hardware effects available on the platform — Shadow/Highlight, ripple using HScroll, 7-color mode, 6 FM channels, a sound driver, a gym player, 2 PSG channels. (68k ASM, March 2006)